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Addiction Recovery Network

Addictions.org also contains a National directory of organizations that help people with recovery from addiction. Some of the types of organizations that you will find in this directory include: drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment facilities, alcohol detox, prescription pill detox, rapid opiate detox, sober houses, half-way houses, residential treatment centers, outdoor wilderness programs, dual diagnosis treatment, suboxone and subutex treatment, inpatient, day-treatment, outpatient, eating disorder treatment, therapists, and more.

Coach/Sponsor needed for Addiction Recovery via Video Conferencing!

Provide Video Conference for Addiction Recovery!

Addictions.org goal is to give addicts greater access and more options for sober living. Through modern technology this is now possible to provide coaching services for addicts over the internet through Video Conference.

Our goal is to make sober living a reality! This can happen when those that need strength can get support with a few clicks

Proivde video conferencing for small groups.

Our video conference technology allows for small groups of people to participate in addiction recovery through video conference

We collect the clients billing details and payments and Pay You Directly. Money is transfered to your account.

New Coach/Sponsor

Chris Lang - Therapist

Sophia Krell - Therapist

Lizanne Corbit
Qualifications Years in ...
Chris Lang
Sophia Krell