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Drug Slang Terms

Drug Related Street Terms/ Slang Words

Drugs are illegal in most places in the world today. For this reason talk of it has had to go underground. A very effective way of going underground is the development of a secret code language known and understood only by those who live in that world. In this way people can talk about illicit drug taking right in front of partners and parents without fear of them catching on.

Like any language that boasts a number of users drug related street terms are now more numerous than can begin to be recorded or described. There is also nothing static about this street slang. It changes faster than fashion and prides itself on staying ahead of those who would crack the code.

Here is just a small snippet of this language with some descriptive terms where they are applicable:

* SERIAL SPEEDBALLING: Sequencing cocaine, cough syrup and heroin over a 1 to 2 day period.
* A- BOOT: Under the influence of drugs
* AGONIES: Withdrawal symptoms
* CHALKED UP: Under the influence of cocaine
* PHARMING: Consuming mixture of prescription substances
* TARDUST: Cocaine
* TWEAK MISSION: On a mission to find crack
* WAKE UPS: Amphetamines
* HIGHBEAMS: Wide eyes associated with taking crack
* PAPER BAG: Container for drugs
* TEX-MEX: Marijuana
* SAM: Federal narcotics agent
* CARPET PATROL: Crack smokers searching the floor for crack
* HALF A FOOTBALL FIELD: 50 rocks of crack
* AUTHOR: Doctor who writes illegal prescriptions
* ARE YOU ANYWHERE: Do you use marijuana
* CLOSET BASER: User of cocaine that prefers anonymity
* HONEYMOON: Early stages of drug use before addiction
* MISS: To inject a drug
* HYPE STICK|: Hypodermic needle
* PIGGYBACKING: Simultaneous injecting of two different drugs
* TOKE: To inhale cocaine or smoke marijuana

Sources: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia (Public Domain)
               National Institute on Drug Addiction (Public Domain)
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